"Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy"

I coulda swore her hair was made of rayon
She wore a Milton Bradley Crayon
But she was something I could lay on
Can't remember what became of me . . .
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
She put a Doobie Brothers tape on
I had a Roger Daitrey cape on
There was a bed I dumped her shape on
Can't remember what became of me . . .
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
Somewhat later on
I woke up and she was gone
There was dew out on the lawn
In the sunrise
Later she came back
With a rumpled paper sack
Which she told me would contain
A surprise
She stuck her hand right in it to the bottom
Said she knew I'd be surprised she got'em
Take a Charleston pimp to spot 'em
Then she gave a pair of shoes to me ...
Plastic leather, 14 Triple D
I said: I wonder what's the shoes for
She told me: Don't you worry no more
And got right down there on the tile floor:
Now Darling STOMP ALL OVER ME! ...
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
Is this something new
Having people stomp on you?
Is it what I need to do
For your pleasure?
What is this, a quiz?
Don't you worry what it is
It is merely just a moment
I can treasure
By ten o'clock her arms and legs were rendered
She couldn't talk 'cause her mouth had been extendered
Looked to me as though she had been blendered
But was this abject misery?
No! No!
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy!
It might seem strange to Herb and Dee -
Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy!
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