"Bit Of Nostalgia"

[includes a fragment of Hurricane (Sigarlaki)]
[Spider:] Bit of nostalgia for the old folks!
[Gilly:] I'm advocating dark clothes
[Girl #1:] If I'm not alone . . . How long have I been asleep?
[Gilly:] As long as I have
[Girl #2:] Did you ever live in a drum?
[Girl #1:] No
[Girl #2:] Well then you aren't me
[Gilly:] I only dreamt I lived in a drum. Ever since it got dark. Dreaming is hard
[Girl #1:] Yea, but with nothing over your head?
[Gilly:] No, just light, over my head. And underneath too
[Girl #1:] I don't think I could take it without anything over my head
[Girl #2:] Mm-mmh, I couldn't either
[Girl #1:] Well why don't you go out and see what's out there?
[Gilly:] Well . . . I don't know if that's what's out there
[Girl #2:] Now that's a thought
[Gilly:] Yes . . .
[Girl #2:] If you'd like . . .
[Gilly:] But still you can say darker and darker. I don't know what the outside of this thing looks like at all
[John:] I do. It's dark and murky
[Spider:] How do you get your . . . your water so dark?
[John:] 'Cause I'm paranoid. I'm very paranoid. And the water in my washing machine turns dark out of sympathy
[Spider:] Out of sympathy?
[John:] Yes
[Spider:] Um . . . where can I get that?
[John:] At your local drugstore
[Spider:] How much?
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