"Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead"

Poofter's Froth, Wyoming
March Eleven Sixty-Seven
Take a letter
Miss Abetter
As our pigeons
Will be homing
To our jobbers in Dakota
And to Merwyn, Minnesota
This is merely just a note about
Performance to our quota
Well, we all come out
To show dem
An' the Elks have helped us
Load 'em
Little packets full of jackets
Little rackets, little rackets
Little Poofter - Cloth Appointments
Little Poofter's Froth Anointments
Little hoods, little goods,
Little doo-dads from the woods
The entire stock is shipping
Oh our shod is hardly slipping
To the markets of the world
Our wrinkled pennants are unfurled!
T-shirt racks, rubber snacks,
Poster rolls with matching tacks
Yes, a special beer for sports
(and paper cups that hold two quarts)
Everything a nation needs
For making hoopla while if feeds
The trash compactors, small reactors,
Mowers, blowers, throwers & the glowers:
This is Buy-Cent-Any-All Salute (HYULK!)
Two hundred years have gone ka-poot!
Ah but we have been astute!
Signed: Anon. - Wyo. Galoot!
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