"Just One More Time"

[Don Vliet:]
Oh yeah!
That's just fine!
Come on boys!
Just one more time!
[Spider:] I think I can explain about . . . about how the pigs' music works
[Monica:] Well, this should be interesting
[Spider:] Remember that they make music with a very dense light, and remember about the smoke standing still and how they . . . they really get uptight when you try to move the smoke, right?
[Monica:] Right
[John:] Yeah?
[Spider:] I think the music in that dense light is probably what makes the smoke stand still. Any sort of motion has this effect on . . . on the ponies' manes. You know, the thing on their neck
[John:] Hmm . . .
[Spider:] As soon as the pony's mane starts to get good in the back any sort of mo . . . motion, especially of smoke or gas, begins to make the ends split.
[John:] That's the basis of all their nationalism. Like if they can't salute the smoke every morning when they get up . . .
[Spider:] Yeah, it's a vicious circle. You got it.
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