"It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal"

If the froggy come up
A-with his satchel in his hand,
Then he reach in the front
And dump a mile of sand
Across the rug, along the hall
Up to the umbrella stand
That you've been watchin' all the time
Watchin' all the time
And if a forest grows up
From the dirt on the floor,
That the frog with the satchel
Had just dumped beside the door
You're just startin' to get worried,
You ain't going out no more
And it's confusin' to your mind-
Just consider this:
You can be scared when it gets too real
You can be scared when it gets too real
But you should be diggin' it
While it's happening
(Yes! You should be diggin' it while it's happening!)
'Cause it just might be a one-shot deal
You can be lost
And you can wanna be found
But keep an eye on that frog
Whenever he jump around
Just keep a-watchin' him
You oughta be watchin' him
Just keep a-watchin' him
You wanna be askin' him
(And see if he's brought along a little bag for you, rant!)
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